Chaplaincy & Catholic Life & Mission Vision Statement: To equip Chaplains to serve and witness to the proclamation of the Gospel and encounter with Christ in their schools and colleges

Programme Structure​

Programme Overview​

Head of Apprenticeships St Mary’s University
Eleanor Stewart 

Programme Convenor – St Mary’s University
Susan Elderfield

  • School Chaplaincy and Youth Ministry in the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations has become increasingly important in recent years. It is also a priority given by the Bishops of England and Wales to our Catholic Schools and Colleges. ​
  • Those involved in ministry increasingly take on greater responsibilities in the development of the Catholic Life and Mission; hence it is essential that effective training and sound theological understanding are the basis for good formation. ​
  • Graduates will have gained specific knowledge and understanding that will support them in their current employment, as well as a wide range of transferable skills that will be valuable to future employers.  Such skills.   ​
  • The programme is designed and organised to develop in students a wide range of knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to support the purpose of Spiritual and Pastoral care in an educational environment.​